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The Iyo Environment Fund

Supporting activities and research that contribute to solving global environmental problems and aiming to achieve sustainable society where the economy and the environment coexist in harmony.

Coral survey in cayo de agua

Implementation of toxicogenomies and biology of coral diseases, towards a comprehensive environmental coral reef monitoring program at Los Rogues National Park.

Children's Day

April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day.

Student Support Program

Iyo groups training program poddeozhivaet students in 10 countries.

Farmers harvesting floating rice

Scoping floating rice-based agro-ecological farming systems for a healthy society and adaptation to climate changes in the Lower Mekong Region and Myanmar.

Iyo Forests

To benefit still more from forests, Iyo try to cultivate our forests based on sustainable forestry operations so as to pass on to the next generation forests rich in natural benefits.

Children Japan in Brazil

We undertake a variety of support activities with the aim of deepening mutual understanding and achieving true multicultural harmony between Japan and Brazil.

Conference for a future of the Children

Children returning from Japan face a range of serious difficulties including differences in lifestyle and language.

Japan Day festival

In Iyo group also runs a charity bazaar at the Japan Day festival held, with Iyo employees taking an active part as volunteers.

Thailand Development Project

The project is coordinated by the Mae Fa Luang Foundation, which was established by the late Princess Mother.

Sponsorship of Japanese Speech

Sponsorship of Japanese Speech Contest for CIS Students

Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development with an International Perspective

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